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Jimmy Dennis, on death row at SCI Greene in Pennsylvania, has had his life stolen from him since 1991 for a crime he did not and could not have committed.  Mr. Dennis has always maintained his innocence.  His conviction in 1992 was based on conflicting eyewitness testimony.  Only three of several eyewitnesses were called to testify, and they described a perpetrator that was 5'9", 5'10" or taller and who weighed between 170 and 190 pounds.  Mr. Dennis is 5'4" and weighed 130 pounds at the time of the murder.  The three eyewitnesses testified at a preliminary hearing that they saw the shooter for  just 1, 5 and 20 seconds respectively.  Witnesses who identified other suspects were not called to testify.

There is no DNA or other physical evidence linking Jimmy Dennis to this crime.  Mr. Dennis was a complete stranger to the murder victim, Chedell Williams.  The murder weapon and the car used in the crime have never been recovered.  No gun was found among Mr. Dennis' possessions.  There was no connection established between Mr. Dennis and the vehicle (as described by witnesses) used in the murder.  Mr. Dennis' alibi is supported by witnesses.  A witness for the prosecution, Charles Thompson, has recanted and has signed a statement detailing how his testimony was coerced.

Jimmy Dennis lacked a motive.  At the time of the murder and alleged robbery (for a $125 pair of earrings that was also never recovered), Mr. Dennis was the lead singer of a Philadelphia-based R & B group, Sensation, and had a promising future as a musician.  It was verified at trial that Mr. Dennis had a recording contract in the works. Twenty-six witnesses, including his pastor, vouched for Mr. Dennis' good moral character at his trial. 

We, the UNDERSIGNED, call on the authorities to end this injustice and to take all necessary steps to secure Jimmy Dennis' release.
The evidence is overwhelming:  Jimmy Dennis is innocent.  He should be immediately released.
  1. James Murray, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  2. Juanita Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  3. Gregory G. Dennis, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  4. Tony Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  5. Hope Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  6. Kiara Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  7. Fatima Everett, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  8. Brandon Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  9. Kelli M. Dennis, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
  10. Moneenia N. Dennis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  11. Willis Meredith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Carlton Hannah, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
  13. Terrance Hannah, New York, New York, USA
  14. Ferri Bannister, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  15. Leesa Hendricks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  16. James P. Graham, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  17. Tracy Lamourie, Toronto, Canada
  18. Dave Parkinson, Toronto, Canada
  19. Petra E. Herrmann, Bocholt, Germany
  20. Jeff Boghosian, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  21. Dave Strano, Kansas City, Kansas, USA
  22. Pam Deghand, Roeland Park, Kansas, USA
  23. Sarah Gau, Cologne, Germany
  24. Angela Bohn, Gladenbach, Germany
  25. Adele David, Quimper, France
  26. Stephanie Luther, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  27. Salome Roundtree, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  28. Jim Sneed, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  29. Tonya Sneed, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  30. Harold C. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  31. Diane Miller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  32. Jean Bullard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  33. Wilma Hightower, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  34. Eva Smith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  35. Anita Boulware, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA
  36. Sharon Davis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  37. Patricia Blair, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  38. Elaine Parker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  39. Helen Brooks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  40. Hattie Parker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  41. Lois Purnell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  42. Felecia Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  43. Mary Flomo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  44. Isaac Flomo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  45. Blondell Davis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  46. Quetta Jones, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  47. Pearl Conner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  48. Kolyanna Mimnall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  49. Mildred Dozier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  50. Sheila Robinson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  51. Donna Cromartie, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  52. Dolly Brooks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  53. Lorraine Martin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  54. Lillian Nickerson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  55. Darral Cooper, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  56. Gwendolyn Coleman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  57. Serilda C. Jones, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  58. Lynette Boyer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  59. Denice Ross, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  60. Aliyah Martin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  61. Verneice Turner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  62. Lester Turner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  63. Kadeem Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  64. Teretha Hannah, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  65. Sylvia James, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  66. Elisha B. Morris, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  67. Mark Levetter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  68. Billy Brooks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  69. LeRoy Mines, Sr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  70. Wilhelmina Mines, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  71. Errol James, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  72. Ella Cooper, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  73. Brian Jones, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  74. Dallas Bryant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  75. Barbara Allen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  76. Gwendolyn Plummer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  77. Richard Plummer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  78. Yusef Keith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  79. James "Noot" Smith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  80. Lisa Bailey, Haymont, Delaware, USA
  81. Reuberta Jones, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA
  82. Shirley Truitt, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
  83. Felicia Hendricks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  84. Irene Gau, Cologne, Germany 
  85. Jim Sollitt, City of Leeds, UK  
  86. Caroline Rosa-Maria Gessner, Gladenbach, Germany
  87. Christian Steiniger, Recklinghausen, Germany
  88. Kaan Muth, Cologne, Germany
  89. Christina Acuna, Cologne, Germany
  90. Nathalie Fiegler, Cologne, Germany
  91. Horst Bohn, Gladenbach, Germany
  92. Annemarie Bohn, Gladenbach, Germany
  93. Daniela Koch, Gladenbach, Germany
  94. Renate Koch, Gladenbach, Germany
  95. Kevin Leinbach, Marburg, Germany
  96. Stefanie Yilmaz, Marburg, Germany
  97. Johnny E. Ramirez, Hialeah, Florida, USA
  98. Randall G. Arnold, Arvada, Colorado, USA
  99. Khadijah Ramos, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  100. Martin Lenz, Giessen, Germany
  101. Andreas Ganzevoort, Bad Endbach, Germany
  102. Dieter Rampe, Biedenkopf, Germany
  103. Boris Brand, Lohra, Germany
  104. Evelyn Gassert, Marburg, Germany
  105. Alexander Gassert, Wilsbach, Germany
  106. Kerstin Eyl, Bottenhorn, Germany
  107. Heinz Masloff, Bottenhorn, Germany
  108. Eleonore Masloff, Bottenhorn, Germany
  109. Maria Fiegler, Cologne, Germany
  110. Marsha K. Sailors, Olathe, Kansas, USA
  111. Charles L. Sailors, Olathe, Kansas, USA
  112. Mary Anne Michelet, Dunlap, Illinois, USA
  113. Claire Tirilly, Quimper, France
  114. Sandrine Castel, Metz, France
  115. Jean-Pierre Le Lay, Quimper, France
  116. Marine Seznec, Quimper, France
  117. Sebastien L'Her, Fouesnant, France
  118. Denise Madec, Quimper, France
  119. Marilee Jakobitz, Clinton, Illinois, USA
  120. Wayne Jakobitz, Clinton, Illinois, USA
  121. Franz Fiegler, Cologne, Germany
  122. Thomas Fiegler, Cologne, Germany
  123. Jenny Hegenscheidt, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  124. Sandra Stephan, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  125. Jack Ryan, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  126. Terri Brink, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  127. Nancy Long, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  128. Marcia Willson, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  129. Maria Kubig, Löbau, Germany
  130. Wolfgang Knies, Löbau, Germany
  131. Ronny Prauß, Löbau, Germany
  132. Patrick Track, Löbau, Germany
  133. Anne Kneschke, Löbau, Germany
  134. Marco Kneschke, Löbau, Germany
  135. Enrico Menzel, Löbau, Germany
  136. Anastasia Kreinik, Löbau, Germany
  137. Nicole Schneider, Löbau, Germany
  138. Maria Kreinik, Löbau, Germany
  139. Toni Kreinik, Löbau, Germany
  140. Matthias Mitter, Löbau, Germany
  141. Matthias Thiel, Löbau, Germany
  142. Marco Thiel, Löbau, Germany
  143. Marcel Kelch, Löbau, Germany
  144. Enrico Klinke, Löbau, Germany
  145. Mirko Leuteritz, Löbau, Germany
  146. Ricarda Kloß, Löbau, Germany
  147. Daniel Hübner, Löbau, Germany
  148. Stephan Hohlfeld, Löbau, Germany
  149. Yvonna Wise, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  150. Melanie Butts, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  151. Norma Bader, Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA
  152. Dirk Lange, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  153. Doreen Meß, Strausberg, Germany
  154. Sophie Seiler, Seelow, Germany
  155. Stephanie Seiler, Seelow, Germany
  156. Ilona Seiler, Seelow, Germany
  157. Katharina Höpfner, Strausberg, Germany
  158. Anne Kaatsch, Anklam/Strausberg, Germany
  159. Anja Kiesel, Strausberg, Germany
  160. Ricardo Quade, Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany
  161. Herbert Hegenscheidt, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  162. Thomas Hegenscheidt, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  163. Jaqueline Hegenscheidt, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  164. Maria Hegenscheidt, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  165. Nancy Völkner, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  166. Heidemarie Hübner, Strausberg, Germany
  167. Ellen Zimpel, Potsdam, Germany
  168. Steffi Keller, Eggersdorf, Germany
  169. Kerstin Leddermann, Eggersdorf, Germany
  170. Kevin Wüht, Strausberg, Germany
  171. Martin Walter ,Eggersdorf, Germany
  172. Christoph Böttcher, Heidelberg, Germany
  173. Christin Glintschert, Heidelberg, Germany
  174. Sabine Spiller, Cottbus, Germany
  175. Corinna Muschalik, Pirna, Germany
  176. Michaela Angerer, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  177. Kathrin Irlinger, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  178. Christian Kaatz, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  179. Barbara Kranavetvogel, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  180. Peggy Gnauck, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  181. Geraldine Leitner, Berchtesgaden, Germany
  182. Beth Purtee, Nashville, Tennesee, USA
  183. Alora Eovaldi, Kimball Township, Michigan, USA
  184. Andrea Aschauer, Ramsau, Germany
  185. Laura Fendt, Ramsau, Germany
  186. Kathrin Zechmeister, Ramsau, Germany
  187. Christoph Krieg, Bad Reichenhall, Germany
  188. Claudia Knoffloch, Cottbus, Germany
  189. Katharina Küböck, Passau, Germany
  190. Nico Lautsch, Dresden, Germany
  191. Jessica Klemer, Berlin, Germany
  192. Maria Griegel, Berlin, Germany
  193. Janice Digby, Georgetown, Illinois, USA
  194. Bruce Egbert, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  195. Steve Sanders, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  196. Michael Hennig, Hamburg, Germany
  197. Svea Koschela, Petershagen, Germany
  198. Nora Dziubiel, Berlin, Germany
  199. Hannes Lenke, Berlin, Germany
  200. Erik Stegemann, Seelow, Germany
  201. Kathrin Rußwurm, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  202. Volker Helle, Gladowshöhe, Germany
  203. Evi Böl, Strausberg, Germany
  204. Henning Böl, Strausberg, Germany
  205. Eckhart Lange, Görlitz, Germany
  206. Ulf Lange, Görlitz, Germany
  207. Silvia Lange, Görlitz, Germany
  208. Olaf Lange, Görlitz, Germany
  209. Marion Lange, Görlitz, Germany
  210. Torsten Lange, Dittmannsdorf, Germany
  211. Erika Schmidt, Dittmannsdorf, Germany
  212. Patrick Collins, Dublin, Ireland
  213. Barbara Weaver, Lake Milton, Ohio, USA
  214. Massimo G. Toson, Stadtallendorf, Germany
  215. Laura Houghton, Southampton, England, UK 
  216. Marcia (Manoush) Nicole Noah, Cologne, Germany
  217. Teresa Hurst Godfrey, North Carolina, USA
  218. Diana Srowig, Osnabruck, Germany
  219. Simone Oberenzer, Osnabruck, Germany
  220. Natasha Poland, Perth, Western Australia
  221. Emily John, Decatur, Illinois, USA
  222. Esther Grosse, Freiburg, Germany
  223. Fionn Grosse, Frieburg, Germany
  224. Mio Grosse, Frieburg, Germany
  225. Wiltrud Grosse, Freiburg, Germany
  226. Victoria Grosse, Freiburg, Germany
  227. Christine Grosse, Freiburg, Germany
  228. Daniela John, Ravensburg, Germany
  229. Simsi John, Ravensburg, Germany
  230. Katrin Becker, Frieburg, Germany
  231. Miriam Pflugfelder, Stuttgart, Germany
  232. Friedwart Lenz, Stuttgart, Germany
  233. Michelle Ward-Kordes, Hochdorf, Germany
  234. Christine Short, Nottingham, UK
  235. Rita Viola, Trento, Italy
  236. Dennis Schnackertz, Borken-Weseke, Germany
  237. Christel Stanke, Ladbergen, Germany
  238. Pichler Herbert, Bregenz, Australia
  239. Gabriele Uhl, Taunusstein, Germany
  240. Barbara Hasslacher, Terrigal, NSW, Australia
  241. Jeanett Qerimi, Munsingen, Germany
  242. Yvonne Traub, Mauer, Germany
  243. Angelika Bremm, Ohringen, Germany
  244. Melanie Bremm, Ohringen, Germany
  245. Sascha Buhler, Munsingen, Germany
  246. Kristof Buhler, Munsingen, Germany
  247. Ilona Wittkopf, Munsingen, Germany
  248. Larissa Wittkopf, Munsingen, Germany
  249. Noel Qerimi, Munsingen, Germany
  250. Cem Czesch, Munsingen, Germany
  251. Barbara Buhler, Munsingen, Germany
  252. Eugen Buhler, Munsingen, Germany
  253. Sven Kaumayer, Ohringen, Germany
  254. Skender Qerimi, Heilbronn, Germany
  255. Elena Rodriguez, Caldwell, Idaho, USA
  256. Peter Short, Nottingham, England, UK 
  257. Dia Bethune, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
  258. Yvonne Westhoek, Leiden, The Netherlands
  259. Maayke Derks, Roermond, The Netherlands
  260. Irene Cartwright-Rekitzke, Lansing, IL, USA
  261. Brad Zuehike, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  262. Emilie Artaud, Bordeaux, France
  263. Sina Vogt, Hurth, Germany
  264. Jacqueline Pellecuer, Bourg-St-Maurice, France
  265. Daniel Renaud, Sausset Les Pins, France
  266. Janine Larrue, Toulouse, France
  267. Cédric Boismain, Paris, France
  268. Sophia Pistek, Munich, Germany
  269. Justine Dymond, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
  270. Stephanie Rittmeier, Hannover, Germany
  271. Stefan Schmitz, Bad Breisig, Germany
  272. Pelois Emmanuelle, Paris, France
  273. Jeannine Hayez, Marcq en Baroeul, France
  274. Maria Carroll, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  275. Kira Caywood, Sacramento, California, USA
  276. Francis Berbel, Allegre, France
  277. Angela Huguet, Allegre, France
  278. Elisa Burzi, Prato, Italy
  279. Ronald Mathews, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  280. Kathryn Mathews, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  281. Zachary Mathews, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  282. Robert Kimzey, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  283. Joshua Kimzey, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  284. Debbie Vilandre, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  285. Dennis Vilandre, Sitka, Alaska, USA
  286. Maurik van der Walle, Emmerich am Rhein, Germany
  287. Nelly Suarez, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  288. John Berry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  289. Antoinette Geoffroy-Dartigues, Balma, France
  290. Edwige Geoffroy-Dartigues, Balma, France
  291. Olivier Geoffroy-Dartigues, Balma, France
  292. Jennifer Langlois, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  293. Marianne Luther-Curtis, Portland, Oregon, USA
  294. Pearl S. Bennett, Syracuse, NY, USA
  295. Carl F. Eversley Jr., Syracuse, NY, USA
  296. Jean C. Moore, Syracuse, NY, USA
  297. Leonard R. Smith, Syracuse, NY, USA
  298. Sabrina M. Barden, Syracuse, NY, USA
  299. Louise Schell, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  300. Emilie Artaud, Bordeaux, France
  301. Peter Cowie, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia
  302. Barbara Costello/Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  303. Dan P. Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  304. Gene P. Collatz, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  305. Julia Bohn, Gladenbach, Germany
  306. Rene Hill, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  307. Sandra Gaines, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, USA
  308. Claudia Clement, Chur, Switzerland
  309. Peter Hobl, Chur, Switzerland
  310. Veronica Littles, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  311. Matthildur Kristmannsdottir, Iceland
  312. Danielle Lannert, Marquette Heights, Illinois, USA
  313. Melissa Di Cicco, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  314. Rachel Larabee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  315. Angela Calce, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  316. John Engle, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, USA
  317. Helena Darmell, Gavle, Sweden
  318. Christine Short, Nottingham, UK
  319. Valorie Furman, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
  320. Lord Lewis Rees, London, UK
  321. Reggie Young, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  322. Donna Mallozzi, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA
  323. Prof. Dr. Richard E. Palmer, Jacksonville, USA
  324. James D. Sullivan, Delavan, Illinois, USA
  325. Jack Adams, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  326. Jenny Leach, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  327. Karen Hursey-McLaughlin, Miami Shores, Florida, USA
  328. Brent Hursey-McLaughlin, Miami Shores, Florida, USA
  329. Rhonda Graves-Bryant, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
  330. Maria Weick, Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, USA
  331. Sebastien L'Her, Rennes, France
  332. Henrik Lehnhardt, Huttenberg, Germany
  333. Cadance Gross, Washington, Illinois, USA
  334. Lauren Padgett, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  335. Carole Hoke, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  336. April Clark, Roswell, Georgia, USA
  337. Christian Berends, Giessen, Germany
  338. Julie Howes, Suffolk, England, UK
  339. James Sloan, Harrogate, UK
  340. Paul O'Boyle, Bradford, W. Yorkshire, UK
  341. Dylan Duvall-Irwin, Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA
  342. Kieran Barnhardt, Calgary, Canada
  343. Luke Naumann, St. Charles, Missouri, USA
  344. Niall Higginson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  345. Alex Seneco, North Haven, Connecticut, USA
  346. Jon Allen, South Wales, New York, USA
  347. Andrew Watson, Melbourne, Australia
  348. Danielle Gant, Fishers, Indiana, USA
  349. Matt Woods, Neward, Delaware, USA
  350. Bryan Markle, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
  351. Kenny Murray, Ubly, Michigan, USA
  352. Chris Conley, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
  353. John Schwind, Wauseon, Ohio, USA
  354. Tim Sanders, Pasadena, California, USA
  355. Dan Carter, Cuckfield, England, UK 
  356. Jason Chau, Glasgow, Scotland
  357. Filipe Martins, Lisbon, Portugal
  358. Sharril Thibodeau, Solon, Maine, USA
  359. Kaye Sands, Los Angeles, California, USA
  360. Metayer Klode, Cognin, Savoie, France
  361. Tina Blatt, Freiburg, Germany
  362. Paul Serafini, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
  363. Jacob O'Connor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  364. Debrah Baldwin-Merriweather, Summerville, South Carolina, USA
  365. Kariah Guilds, Gaithursburg, Maryland, USA
  366. Amber Pitzen, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  367. Frances L. Palmese, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  368. Danielle Hawk, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  369. James Worthy, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  370. Robin Bush, Califon, New Jersey, USA
  371. Christopher Chang, London, UK
  372. Dean Hosenie, London, UK
  373. Leon Payne, London, UK
  374. Jason Rogers, London, UK
  375. Katherine Luther, Binghamton, New York, USA
  376. Carissa Nixon, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  377. Anne-Kathrine Kryger, Svinninge, Denmark
  378. Karen Willson, Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
  379. Lynn Fawcett, Leeds, England, UK 
  380. Christine Simmons, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
  381. Alie Stoel, Pesse, The Netherlands
  382. Shella Macias, San Bernardino, California, USA
  383. Karaline Pearcy, Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA
  384. Emma Jordan, Hampshire, UK
  385. Janis M. Blood, St. Ignatius, Montana, USA
  386. Jennifer M. Blood, St. Ignatius, Montana, USA
  387. Davor Bajic, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  388. DeeDee Dixon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  389. Katrina Dear, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
  390. Lisa R. Strong, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
  391. Calum Nelson, Glasgow, Scotland
  392. Elena Maier, Schweich, Germany
  393. Lilli Maier, Schweich, Germany
  394. Waldemar Maier, Schweich, Germany
  395. Eduard Maier, Schweich, Germany
  396. Katrin Zennaro, Kenn, Germany
  397. Jasmin Dallevedove, Schweich, Germany
  398. Minh Trong, Trier, Germany
  399. Manuel Lee Whittley Jr., Schweich, Germany
  400. Anna Pister, Trier, Germany
  401. Ekatarina Pister, Trier, Germany
  402. Anna Diser, Trier, Germany
  403. Lydia Diser, Trier, Germany
  404. Anna Büchert, Trier, Germany
  405. Katja Schmitt, Mertesdorf, Germany
  406. Ina Hund, Toronto, Canada
  407. Joel Hund, Toronto, Canada
  408. Jasmin Hund, Toronto, Canada
  409. Eugenia Wegner, Trier, Germany
  410. Alexander Wegner, Trier, Germany
  411. Jessica Wegner, Trier, Germany
  412. Matthias Wegner, Trier, Germany
  413. Emilia Wegner, Trier, Germany
  414. Fjodor Wegner, Trier, Germany
  415. Anna Borgardt, Leiwen, Germany
  416. David Borgardt, Leiwen, Germany
  417. Alexander Borgardt, Trier, Germany
  418. Roman Borgardt, Leiwen, Germany
  419. Julia Borgardt, Leiwen, Germany
  420. Katrin Malagowski, Leiwen, Germany
  421. Marta Wegner, Schweich, Germany
  422. Viktor Wegner, Schweich, Germany
  423. Karina Wegner, Schweich, Germany
  424. Thomas Wegner, Schweich, Germany
  425. Johann Maier, Trier, Germany
  426. Katharina Maier, Trier, Germany
  427. Viktor Maier, Trier, Germany
  428. Irene Maier, Trier, Germany
  429. Alexander Miller, Wiesbaden, Germany
  430. Larissa Miller, Wiesbaden, Germany
  431. Julia Miller, Wiesbaden, Germany
  432. Alexander Miller, Wiesbaden, Germany
  433. Anna Gimidschiew, Wiesbaden, Germany
  434. Anna Maier, Wiesbaden, Germany
  435. Irina Frühauf, Wiesbaden, Germany
  436. Elena Frühauf, Wiesbaden, Germany
  437. Vu Nguyen, Trier, Germany
  438. Tascha Henderson, Herforst, Germany
  439. Lee Whittley, Schweich, Germany
  440. Helena Spigunow, Osburg, Germany
  441. Mareike Walter, Schweich, Germany
  442. Tina Rehnert, Neu-Ulm, Germany
  443. Ricardo McCall, Montgomery, Alabama, USA
  444. Javon Smith, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  445. Carl Dixon, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  446. Sara Yaks, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  447. Abi Robert, Berglund, Sweden
  448. Nicole Branagh, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  449. Patrick Collins, Dublin, Ireland
  450. Marina Trifu, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  451. Shawneequa Shephard, Springdale, Arizona, USA
  452. Thelma Johnson, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  453. Nikki Stevens, London, UK
  454. Stephanie Casey, Kittery, Maine, USA
  455. Carley Phillips, Bristol, UK
  456. Matija Susak, Zagreb, Croatia
  457. Avis S. Elkins, Richton Park, Illinois, USA
  458. Lizzie Sazdanoff, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
  459. Tanya McKay, Steeves Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada
  460. William T. Hill, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  461. Nicholas Fodor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  462. Theresa Moran, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
  463. Natacha Padgett, Dundee, Scotland, UK 
  464. Ledra Sullivan, St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
  465. Walker Russell, St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
  466. Judith Aldridge, Bognor Regis, England, UK 
  467. Aline Nacef, Auvillers, France 
  468. Ed Bull, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
  469. Vicki Snider, East Peoria, Illinois, USA
  470. Mindy Macon, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  471. Brian Reynolds, West Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA
  472. Lesha Carr, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  473. LaTasha Jones, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
  474. Elizabeth Ann Morgan, Lafayette, Georgia, USA
  475. Sharon Fuhrmann, Palmdale, California, USA
  476. Richard L. Theriot, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  477. Michael Theodore Berg, Aurora, Illinois, USA
  478. Neil Ashton, St. Helens, UK
  479. Monica Ball, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  480. Andrew Buchter, Sicklerville, New Jersey, USA
  481. Erica Lyle, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA
  482. Chantel C. Guidry, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  483. Kavan Price, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, UK
  484. Brendon Henson, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
  485. Rodney McNabb, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  486. Erick Delgado, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  487. Piers Singer, Brighton, UK
  488. Mark A. Sestok, Palmerton, Pennsylvania, USA
  489. Tony Jackson Newton, Le-Willows, England, UK
  490. Karine Therien, Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada
  491. Toni Simone, Gold Coast, Australia
  492. Suzanne Cookston, Sherman, Texas, USA
  493. James Cookston, Sherman, Texas, USA
  494. Connie Jenkins, New Albany, Mississippi, USA
  495. Anthony Jenkins, New Albany, Mississippi, USA
  496. Crystal Mullins, New Albany, Mississippi, USA
  497. Christy Ransom, New Albany, Mississippi, USA
  498. Teresa Roberts, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
  499. Sherra Jones, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
  500. Rima Chehlaoui, London, England, USA
  501. Will Brant, Denver, Colorada, USA
  502. Diane Scott, Centennial, Colorado, USA
  503. James E. Scott, Centennial, Colorado, USA
  504. Simeon Benjamin, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
  505. Janine Larrue, Toulousse, France
  506. Tabitha McJunkins, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  507. Brenda LaLonde, Morgantown, North Carolina, USA
  508. Caroline Weber, Schweich, Germany
  509. Katja Ahmann, Schweich, Germany
  510. Stefan Gorges, Schweich, Germany
  511. Joyce Dove, Largo, Florida, USA
  512. Misty Williams, San Francisco, California, USA
  513. Jennifer Williams, Grandview, Missouri, USA
  514. Alexandra Dittrich, Dubai, U.A.E.
  515. Olaf Riecke, Potsdam, Germany
  516. Cannette Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  517. Chevon Cooper, Durham, North Carolina, USA
  518. Jimmy Harkin, Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
  519. Debbie Harkin, Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
  520. Wendy Harkin, Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
  521. Thomas Harkin, Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
  522. Dawn Miller, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  523. Janet Fuhrmann, Palmdale, California, USA
  524. Ledra Sullivan, St. Simons Island, Georgia
  525. Walter Russell, St. Simons Island, Georgia
  526. John Swordy, Oak Park, Illinois, USA
  527. Esther Maina, Birmingham, UK
  528. Karen Cooney, Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA
  529. Yesenia Vidal, Miami, Florida, USA
  530. Annette Woodcum, Oxford, Michigan, USA
  531. Nina Beckmann, Grob Niendorf, Germany
  532. Ta'Sharon Brantley, Port Arthur, Texas, USA
  533. Connie Eash, Landenberg, Pennsylvania, USA
  534. Tracy Grocke, South Australia, Australia
  535. Kenya Taylor, Sacramento, California, USA
  536. Nicole J. Durnford, Santa Rosa, California, USA
  537. Laetitia Robigo, Avignon, France
  538. Dorothy Whitehawk Gaither, Ottawa, Kansas, USA
  539. Rev. Derek Craig, Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada
  540. Denise Reed, Syracuse, New York, USA
  541. Sian Denatale, South Wales, UK
  542. Yelonda Ingram, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  543. Jennifer Collins, Federal Way, Washington, USA
  544. Karma Hiller, Marianna, Florida, USA
  545. Michelle Dawson, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
  546. Natalie Jacques Poku, Hackney, London, UK
  547. Franck Astier, Colmar, France
  548. Jennifer Chevereau, Colmar, France
  549. Murielle McCarthy, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, USA
  550. Courtney Heard, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  551. Jodie McMaster, Co. Durham, UK
  552. Aileen Marie Tasker, Oxfordshire, UK
  553. Dorothy "Sissy" Dreher, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  554. Alisha Waizmann, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
  555. Christina Jones, Tacoma, Washington, USA
  556. Constance Mercedes, New York, New York, USA
  557. Sylvia Noble, Dovercourt, Essex, England, UK
  558. John Noble, Dovercourt, Essex, England, UK
  559. Mary-Lee Lutz, Newark, Delaware, USA
  560. Michele D. Floyd, Rochester, New York, USA
  561. Christine Hinrichs, St. Augustin, Germany
  562. Wayne Gabriel Hood, Atlanta, Germany, USA
  563. Annie Denton, Dekalb, Illinois, USA
  564. Sarah Beasley, Reading, UK
  565. Jolliette Henson, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
  566. Melissa Maljan, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  567. Susan Unger, Athens, Pennsylvania, USA
  568. Hana Correa, Desert Hot Springs, California, USA
  569. Mark Denny, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK
  570. John Enny, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA
  571. Walter John Szumski, New York, New York, USA
  572. Gregg Daddio, Dover, Delaware, USA
  573. Kimberley Morris, Nottingham, England, UK
  574. Katharina Pejovic, Geneva, Switzerland
  575. Lucy Dawson, Leeds, England, UK
  576. Kassandra Green, Radcliffe, Manchester, England, UK
  577. Emily Caraballo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  578. Bernadette Hassell, Hampton, Virginia, USA
  579. Sonya Downes, London, UK
  580. Jasmyne Johnson, Big Rapids, Michigan, USA
  581. Nathalie Melinda Selbman, Svedala, Sweden
  582. Jenny Turkmen, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
  583. Kerry Hackney, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
  584. Tracy Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
  585. Lindy Taikato, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  586. Damian Ryan, Strathmerton, Victoria, Australia
  587. Olivia Goodin, Denver, Colorado, USA
  588. Shannon Guy, London, England, UK
  589. Carol Oakes, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
  590. Pamela Gamble, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
  591. Teresa Carter, Stringer, Mississippi, USA
  592. Calvin Casey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  593. Natalie Casey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  594. Beth Russell, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA
  595. Charlene West, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  596. Jeanette Jackson, St. Charles, Missouri, USA
  597. Robin Luyun, Hagen, Germany
  598. Thanh Hai Nguyen, Cologne, Germany
  599. Sebastien L'Her, Fouesnant (Finistere), France
  600. Guillaume Le Pape, Quimper, France
  601. Sushma Le Merre, Quimper, France
  602. Cachea Winston, Wiesbaden, Germany
  603. Vertommen Nicolas, Saint Gilles, Bruxelles, Belgium
  604. Joseph O'Rourke, Scottish Borders, Scotland
  605. Niall Joyce, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  606. Wanda Wilson, Biddeford, Maine, USA
  607. Nardia Carter, Newcastle, Australia
  608. Heather Armentrout, Florence, South Carolina, USA
  609. Gillian Fraser, Walkerburn, Scotland, UK
  610. Ashley Hughes, Oxford, England, UK
  611. Jennifer Cooley, Houston, Texas, USA
  612. LeAndra Schroeder, Midland, Michigan, USA
  613. Denise Hill, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
  614. Lisa Mckie, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK
  615. Wendy Kiss Smith, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  616. Victoria Smith, Midland, Michigan, USA
  617. Keith Waldon, Gloucester, England, UK
  618. Cynthia Powers, Rochester, New Hampshire, USA
  619. Alan Hungerford, London, UK
  620. Emily Caraballo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  621. Roman Mayer, Kenn, Germany
  622. Michael Berg, Trier, Germany
  623. Christoph Frechen, Kenn, Germany
  624. Nina Wilhelmi, Kenn, Germany
  625. Sabine Schu, Polich, Germany
  626. Laura Gorges, Longuich, Germany
  627. Renee Franke, Schweich, Germany
  628. Linda Wagner, Longuich, Germany
  629. Lisa Lenks, Schweich, Germany
  630. Julia Skoposko, Fell, Germany
  631. Julia Basten, Riol, Germany
  632. Isabelle Reisen, Schweich, Germany
  633. Caroline Weber, Schweich, Germany
  634. Katja Ahmann, Schweich, Germany
  635. Sven Breunecke, Ehrang, Germany
  636. Justus Jonas, Kenn, Germany
  637. Mathias Gebner, Schweich, Germany
  638. Christian Gorgen, Kenn, Germany
  639. Sascha Heinsdorf, Kenn, Germany
  640. Ellen Klein, Bekond, Germany
  641. Jessica Breitbach, Kenn, Germany
  642. Jennifer Eis, Quint, Germany
  643. Julia Kloeren, Mertesdorf, Germany
  644. Stephanie Hoffmann, Mehring, Germany
  645. Nicole Klink, Mehring, Germany
  646. Kilian Neysen, Fell, Germany
  647. Melissa Schloder, Ehrang, Germany
  648. Rebecca Ressebahm, Ruwer, Germany
  649. Linda Chor, Trier, Germany
  650. Julia Schneider, Kenn, Germany
  651. Fabian Fruck, Mehring, Germany
  652. Sarah Pollmer, Kenn, Germany
  653. Alexander Berger, Schweich, Germany
  654. Daniel Esser, Trier, Germany
  655. Rene Klein, Mehring, Germany
  656. Alexander Orth, Lorsch, Germany
  657. Andreas Wegner, Ehrang, Germany
  658. Simon Fritzen, Fell, Germany
  659. Sven Nissel, Hetzerath, Germany
  660. Linda Illien, Trier, Germany
  661. Regina Roppert, Kenn, Germany
  662. Vanessa Hubertz, Fohren, Germany
  663. Miryam Lese, Fell, Germany
  664. Michel Klotten, Fell, Germany
  665. Joanna Jakoby, Fell, Germany
  666. Ronja Dominik, Trier, Germany
  667. Sabine Bittner, Trier, Germany
  668. Nina Lehnert, Hetzerath, Germany
  669. Sarah Sobecki, Naurath/Eifel, Germany
  670. Constantin Thill, Mertesdorf, Germany
  671. Hanna Gorges, Hetzerath, Germany
  672. Anne Horsch, Hertzerath, Germany
  673. Nicolas Sorgen, Schweich, Germany
  674. Alexander Reiter, Schweich, Germany
  675. Dario Mock, Schweich, Germany
  676. Carsten Reis, Schweich, Germany
  677. Benedikt Deutsch, Issel, Germany
  678. Alexander Hofmayer, Issel, Germany
  679. Aline Mentier, Ehrgang, Germany
  680. Philipp Schleima, Hetzerath, Germany
  681. Stefanie Reh, Issel, Germany
  682. Susanne Heifen, Longuich, Germany
  683. Nina Bach, Schweich, Germany
  684. Halina Malmody, Issel, Germany
  685. Susanne Reuter, Schweich, Germany
  686. Christin Kremer, Longuich, Germany
  687. Stefanie Wallne, Schweich, Germany
  688. Julia Boden, Issel, Germany
  689. Helena Kunz, Issel, Germany
  690. Corinna Junkes, Schweich, Germany
  691. Anette Reh, Schweich, Germany
  692. Micahel Kanzler, Schweich, Germany
  693. Alex Mayer, Cologne, Germany
  694. Linda Martinelli, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  695. Johnathan Tyler, Petersburg, Virginia, USA
  696. Laura Smith, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  697. Stephanie Edwards, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  698. April Avery, Newport, North Carolina, USA
  699. Michele Lynch, Naples, Florida, USA
  700. Michelle Edwards, Waianae, Hawaii, USA
  701. Sparkle E. Vaughan, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
  702. Grace Matijasic, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
  703. Vicky Gilbertson, Manchester, UK
  704. William Graddick, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  705. Celia Ferreira, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  706. Josette Cantin, Balaruc-le-Vieux, France
  707. Jason O'Neal, Freeport, Illinois, USA
  708. Anthony Bridger Esq., Horsham, England, UK
  709. Linda Bridger, Horsham, England, UK
  710. Claire-Helene Coirault, Bordeaux, France
  711. Holly Tyler, Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA
  712. Gaelle Sorgue, Chambery, France
  713. Gracie Syfert, Seattle, Washington, USA
  714. Ondina A. Canto, East Providence, Rhode Island, USA
  715. Leon Kamunhu, Coventry, West Midlands, UK
  716. George Cantin, Balaruc-le-Vieux, France
  717. Steffen Reinhard, Wittlich, Germany
  718. Lynne Mceleny, Paisley, Scotland, UK
  719. Johnny Rice, Paisley, Scotland, UK
  720. Anne McFadyen, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  721. John McFadyen, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  722. Louise Mceleny, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  723. Shaquia Sneed, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA
  724. Jennifer Huebsch, Trier, Germany
  725. Caterina Adams, Mehring, Germany
  726. George Figueroa, Ozone Park, New York, USA
  727. Sandie Stafford, Somerset, England, UK
  728. Jody Edwards, Dallas, Texas, USA
  729. Charmaine Paul, London, England, UK
  730. Jennifer Thompson Cannino, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
  731. Justine Bainbridge, Stirling, Scotland, UK
  732. Marc Simon, New York, New York, USA
  733. Jessica Edwards, Kalgoorlie, West Australia, Australia
  734. Tina Martin, Cambridgeshire, UK
  735. Jennifer Piessens, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  736. Joshua Peterson, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  737. Anne Lochrie, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  738. Bas Roijakkers, Ultrecht, Holland
  739. Gary Gideon, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  740. Roseann Barragato, Farmingdale, New York, USA
  741. Mike Fikes, San Diego, California, USA
  742. Dorina Cornelissen, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  743. Ramona Simpson, Roanoke, Virginia, USA
  744. Ben Stoodley, Bourne, England, UK
  745. Emily Oquendo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  746. Debra Simmon, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  747. Hayley Wilson, Livingston, West Lothain, Scotland, Great Britain
  748. Amira Zekry, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
  749. Jennifer Lynn Cordell, Sequatchie, Tennessee, USA
  750. Amber Williams, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  751. Pauline Courtois, Quimper, France
  752. Melissa McIntyre, London, UK
  753. John Liebeskind, Secane, Pennsylvania, USA
  754. Stela Vasques, Lisbon, Portugal
  755. Marie Fouarge, Grivegnee, Belgium
  756. Alex Leimbeck, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
  757. Sierra Peyton, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  758. Gillian Eden Wigan, Lancashire, England, UK
  759. Tim Langevin, Elie, Manitoba, Canada
  760. Callum Mcleish, Bathgate, West Lothiam, Scotland, Great Britain
  761. Bettina Honya, Hannover, Germany
  762. Maureen Klimo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  763. Arthur Averill, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  764. Nora Hermans, Den Haag, Nederland (The Hague, The Netherlands)
  765. Trees Schepens, Oostende, Belgium
  766. Johan De Feyter, Oostende, Belgium
  767. Rachel Morris, Birmingham, UK
  768. Dr. Castelein Bart, Koksijde, Belgium
  769. Didier Meckert, Lalaye, France
  770. Connie Martinez, Houston, Texas, USA
  771. Tammy Jenkins, Huntington Station, New York, USA
  772. Kevin Smith, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  773. Casper Schipper, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  774. Michelle Thomber, London, UK
  775. Marie-Sophie Cossette, Quebec City, Canada
  776. Michelle Holmes, Plymouth, UK
  777. Philip Holmes, Plymouth, UK
  778. Enya Nawaz, Birmingham, UK
  779. Shaahin Keshvargir, Tehran, Iran
  780. Earl Lagroix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  781. George Walker, Homestead, Florida, USA
  782. Natasha Vena, Bristol, UK
  783. Marie Fouarge, Grivegnee, Liege, Belgium
  784. Adrien Muller, Grivegnee, Liege, Belgium
  785. Jennifer Maddison, Manchester, England, UK
  786. Jessica Ramos, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  787. Dionca Green, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  788. Emma Barnes, Norwich, England, UK
  789. Darlene Shenfield, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  790. Maude Willame, Bruxelles, Belgique (Brussels, Belgium)
  791. Nicole McDougald, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  792. Steven Layton, Pearlington, Mississippi, USA
  793. Astrid Schwojer, Kirchenthumbach, Germany
  794. Evan Bailey, Sacramento, California, USA
  795. Edward Reynell, Western Cape, South Africa
  796. Denise Adamski, Hannover, Germany
  797. Christine Konig, Hannover, Germany
  798. Laurent Gele, Angers, Maine et Loire, France
  799. Brian Bell, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA
  800. Patrick Armitage, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  801. Catherine Roberts, Darmouth, South Devon, England, UK
  802. Christina Rock, Bloomington, Illinois, USA
  803. Shula Howard, Norwich, England, UK
  804. Karen Jewitt, Yorkshire, UK
  805. Bridgette Woods, Clinton, Iowa, USA
  806. Sophie Vertommen, Brussels, Belgium
  807. Angela Maloney, Smyrna, Delaware, USA
  808. Cerissa Leach, St. Augustine, Florida, USA
  809. Nicoloa Lewis, Southampton, UK
  810. Craig Manteuffel, Hays, Kansas, USA
  811. Cynthia Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  812. Christina Hoesen, Niagara, Canada
  813. Brandy Copas, Jackson, Ohio, USA
  814. Ashley Dennis, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA
  815. Teresa Ulrich, Wien, Austria
  816. Mandy Hayes, Liverpool, England, UK
  817. Anahi Contreras, Santa Ana, California, USA
  818. Stela Vasques, Lisbon, Portugal
  819. Marlin Connelly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  820. Rajkumar Thangavelu, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
  821. Carla Elizabeth Jones, Bladensburs, Maryland, USA
  822. Laura Gibson, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  823. Katia Rodriguez, Othis, France
  824. David Walls, Smyrna, Delaware, USA
  825. Nancy Belisle, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
  826. Christina Hoesen, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  827. Anita Sorlie, Drammen, Norway
  828. Mary Amberg, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  829. Brede Sorlie, Oslo, Norway
  830. Maria Daniels, New York, NY, USA
  831. Annie Carter, Queensland, Australia
  832. Amy Cobb, Queensland, Australia
  833. Bob Hayes, Liverpool, Pennsylvania, USA
  834. Leonora Jeffers, Huddersfield, UK
  835. Peter Hartmann, Trier, Germany
  836. Margaret Kemp, Huddersfield, UK
  837. Nicole Smith, Leeds, UK
  838. Simon Pettitt, Cambridge, UK
  839. Cara G. Rosson, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  840. Brenda Erickson, Danville, Virginia, USA
  841. Joanne Howle, Brixton, London, UK
  842. Rolando Farmer, Bronx, New York, USA
  843. Candice Wilson, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  844. Avery Wilson, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  845. Christina Heydorn, Puyallup, Washington, USA
  846. Ana I. Jimenez, Hialeah, Florida, USA
  847. Anais Lopez, Hialeah, Florida, USA
  848. Isabel Marty, Hialeah, Florida, USA
  849. Lawrence Merriweather, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  850. Maggie Holladay, Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
  851. Blake Copland, Killarney Vale, NSW, Australia
  852. Marcella De Benedetto, Galatone, Puglia, Italy
  853. Fabian Gastellier-Hathom, Paris, France
  854. Pascale Beaudon, St. Agne, France
  855. Renee Baldwin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  856. Denise Baldwin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  857. Jon Dufault, Irvine, California, USA
  858. Chief Apostle Larry J. Rivers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  859. Anthony Bridger, Horsham, England, UK
  860. Niina Veijalainen, Riihimaki, Finland
  861. Jess Lancaster, Hong Kong, China
  862. Bernie Gildea, Dublin, Ireland
  863. Christy Armell, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  864. Lynn Jennings, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
  865. Ginette Grey, Miami, Florida, USA
  866. Johann Glatzner, Munster, Germany
  867. Jean-Luc Landvogt, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  868. Rebecca Davidson, Topeka, Kansas, USA
  869. Melissa Mugweru, York, Pennsylvania, USA
  870. Lewis Berry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  871. Fonda E. Gill, Suwanee, Georgia, USA
  872. Myriam Barbera, Sete, France
  873. Michel Briancon, Sete, France
  874. Josette Cantin, Balaruc-Le-Vieux, France
  875. Gil Mathes, Wormeldange-Haut, Luxembourg
  876. Dinelda Ruiz, Panama City, Panama
  877. Anne M. Stengel, Leipzig, Germany
  878. Sommer Olga, Schweich, Germany
  879. Vince Karalunas, Exeter, Pennsylvania, USA
  880. Benoit Vantorre, Calais, France
  881. Jennifer Brown, Columbia, Missouri, USA
  882. John Wallace, Norwich, Connecticut, USA
  883. Samillia Nevers, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  884. Joshua Tribelli, Great Neck, New York, USA
  885. Olgierd Ziolko, Bydgoszcz, Poland
  886. Brandi Newman, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
  887. Chivonne Newman, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
  888. Michael D. McMasters, Georgetown, Illinois, USA
  889. Katherine Maskell, Queensland, Australia
  890. Jyotirmoy Das, Gainesville, Florida, USA
  891. Craig Washington, Oakland, California, USA
  892. Carolyn Ann Crosby, Norfolk, UK
  893. Louie Iliadis, Acton, Ontario, Canada
  894. Fiona Bedlington, Carlisle, Cumbria, England, UK
  895. Betty Scott, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  896. John Schrader, Lowellville, Ohio, USA
  897. John Kiwewa, Kampala, Uganda
  898. Michelle A. Wittler, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  899. Claire Kellegher, London, UK
  900. Stephanie Kewn, Penzance, Cornwall, England, UK
  901. Anton Jiggetts, Arlington, Virginia, USA
  902. Jose Manuel, LeBlanc-Mesnil, France
  903. Lakisha Gayden, Washington, DC, USA
  904. Dana Shehee, Dallas, Texas, USA
  905. Ieshia C. Davis, Newark, New Jersey, USA
  906. Candice Jones, Miami, Florida, USA
  907. Antoinette Hardy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  908. Tiffany Lane, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  909. Carmelita Clemons, Trenton, New Jersey, USA
  910. Lisa Nelson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  911. Nicolene Benade, Limpopo, South Africa
  912. Ron Keppels, Enschede, The Netherlands
  913. Simon Barnes, Norfolk, UK
  914. Natalie Brown, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
  915. Olaf Stephen Blackwood, New York City, New York, USA
  916. Christina Massicotte, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
  917. Peter Driscoll, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  918. James Gilligan, Webster, Massachusetts, USA
  919. Jelena Cvitanovic, Ploce, Croatia
  920. Mervyn Lourdes, Selangor, Malaysia
  921. Sonia Frangieh, Sydney, Australia
  922. Liz Bissett, Radlett, Herts, UK
  923. Sarah French, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  924. Karine Isbister, Randwick, Australia
  925. Sarah Cleveland, Milford, Massachusetts, USA
  926. Alice Meade, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
  927. Leigh Wetton, Sydney, Australia
  928. Mela Ristic, Vienna, Austria
  929. Patrick Marschall, Wadgassen, Germany
  930. Jamie Masse, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  931. Emile Scheffel, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
  932. Leagh-Marie Pagel, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  933. Richard Carmody, Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand
  934. Jordon Caine, Adelaide, South Australia
  935. Emanuel Gaganis, Limassol, Cyprus
  936. Scottie Partridge, Queensland, Australia
  937. Alycee Simons, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  938. Alain Betrisey, Preverenges VD, Switzerland
  939. Justin Wilson, East Peoria, Illinois, USA
  940. Mary Batzaka, Athens, Greece
  941. Jennie Dobson, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  942. Angela Kenny, London, UK
  943. Bonnie Briggs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  944. Corey John Davidson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  945. Braden J. Geddes Skelding, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  946. Angela Gillam, Austin Ferry, Tasmania, Australia
  947. Carole Helen Loudon, Tasmania, Australia
  948. Shaun Chua, London, UK
  949. Donald Marshall, Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada
  950. Wendy Marlene Taypayosatum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  951. Georgia Michael, Nicosia, Cyprus
  952. Panteletsa Fridas-Tzanetis, Athens, Greece
  953. Lorenzo Sordini, Larnaca, Cyprus
  954. Eleni Fryda, Nicosia, Cyprus
  955. Alexandra Dittrich, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  956. Anna Whitehouse, Tasmania, Australia
  957. Sarah Bushman, Dayton, Ohio, USA
  958. Margaret Jones, Royston, Herts, UK
  959. Kyle O'Drowsky, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  960. Aphrodite Adamou, NSW, Australia
  961. Jessica Marchildon, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
  962. Karen Wallace, Maidstone, Kent, UK
  963. Joanna Efremoglou Argyropoulou, Limassol, Cyprus
  964. Poly Theodotou, Nicosia, Cyprus
  965. Elena Nikita, Pafos, Cyprus
  966. Kasi Howard, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  967. Melissa Nutting, Porquis, Ontario, Canada
  968. Jessice Ray, London, UK
  969. Cornelia Itten, Winterthur ZH, Switzerland
  970. Rodger Hinds, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
  971. Michelle Carpenter, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
  972. Nathalie Feuilloley-Papadakis, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  973. Joanne Lee, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  974. Mauro Di Ninni, Iserlohn, Germany
  975. Birgit Di Ninni, Iserlohn, Germany
  976. Simone Albus, Bruhl, Germany
  977. Anthea Gribble, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  978. Tanya Prestage, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  979. Jack Kutney, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
  980. Sally Hendy, Bolton, UK
  981. Mary Mattos, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
  982. Stacy Hast, Englewood, New Jersey, USA
  983. Susan Roth, North Ogden, Utah, USA
  984. Zoe Ramsey, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  985. Kenneth Nelson Sr., Browns Mills, New Jersey, USA
  986. Kimberly Johnson, Bronx, New York, USA
  987. Rosalina Burbank Joseph, Albany, New York, USA
  988. Aimee Ward, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
  989. Annie McCracken, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
  990. Chris Parks, West Ryde, NSW, Australia
  991. Rebecca Parame, Armidale, NSW, Australia
  992. Amanda Williams, Brisbane, Australia
  993. Sarah-Jane Dew, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  994. Nicola Lynch, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia
  995. Peri Clarkson, Perth, Australia
  996. Nathan Mayfield, Brisbane, Australia
  997. Nicole Pitts, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  998. Monika Koenecke, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  999. Paul Sullivan, Sydney, Australia
  1000. Chris Hackett, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia
  1001. Harrison James Deutscher, Westmeadows, Victoria, Australia
  1002. Stephen Layton, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1003. Jennifer Deane, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1004. Jodie Bachen, Mudgee, NSW, Australia
  1005. Adam Clark, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1006. Rachel Lee Curtis, Weston, NSW, Australia
  1007. Jennie Morris, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1008. Eleni Katsari, Liverpool, UK
  1009. Donna Pfender, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  1010. Kasi Howard, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  1011. Khadija Howard, Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA
  1012. Brodie Teale, Cronulla Beach, Sydney, Australia
  1013. Xaviour Blackett, Double Bay, Sydney, Australia
  1014. Lorna Jane Smith, Edgecliff, Sydney, Australia
  1015. Jack Low, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia
  1016. Anne Shirley, Caringbah, Sydney, Australia
  1017. Zoe Carter, Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  1018. Kacey Thomas, Melbourne, Australia
  1019. Sasha Sigel, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  1020. Emily Robinson, Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA
  1021. DJ Mendel, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  1022. Fabienne Rognon, Winterthur, ZH, Switzerland
  1023. Oriana Garzone, Termoli, Molise, Italy
  1024. Vesna Urkauf, Strasshof, Niederosterreich, Austria
  1025. Marie Vassallo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1026. Meron Sparrow, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1027. Jamila Adams, Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1028. Michael Wagner, Coesfeld, Germany
  1029. Tanja Yu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  1030. Sally Ip, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1031. Natalie Edna Miller, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  1032. Melissa Merriweather, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  1033. Amber Rose Bennett, Yamba, NSW, Australia
  1034. Jessica Rachel Spooner, Yamba, NSW, Australia
  1035. Lindalou Sauls, Benton, Missouri, USA
  1036. Sophia Rose, London, UK
  1037. Melissa Stultz, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  1038. Ashley Dixon, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1039. Daine Williams, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1040. Kevin Organ, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1041. Donte Jay, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1042. Samantha Davis, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1043. Shana Woodard, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1044. Donniele R. Mills, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1045. Glen Mills, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1046. Tevon Daye, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  1047. Andrew Dick, Cherleroi, Pennsylvania, USA
  1048. Cheri McDowell, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA
  1049. Jessica Smith, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  1050. Eric Sarlati, California, Pennsylvania, USA
  1051. Tiara Wynn, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA
  1052. Jarvis Lawson, Ahoona, Pennsylvania, USA
  1053. Taliah Howell, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  1054. Ta'lor Pinkston, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1055. Thurman Levere, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1056. Chelsea Hill, Donora, Pennsylvania, USA
  1057. Ronniqua Willie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1058. Erin Cook, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1059. Jerial Nixon, Lorain, Ohio, USA
  1060. Kelsey Williams, Sandusky, Ohio, USA
  1061. Sheree Mirabito, Prestons, NSW Australia
  1062. Jessica Ray, London, UK
  1063. Celeste Bencic, Orroroo, South Australia, Australia
  1064. Paul Barnard, Croydon, UK
  1065. Jacqueline Renwick, Dunedin, New Zealand
  1066. Jane Care, Southville, Bristol, UK
  1067. Mary Walls, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  1068. Gwen Jackson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1069. Jolanda Hollebeck, Leiderdrop, The Netherlands
  1070. Christian Christakis, Emsburen, Germany
  1071. Mackenzi Schau, State College, Pennsylvania, USA
  1072. Croft Randle, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
  1073. Sally Innes-Wayling, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia
  1074. Melinda Carpenter, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
  1075. Estelle McClelland, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1076. Olivia Avola, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1077. Diane Stephens, Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia
  1078. Shana Bone, Toogoolawah, Queensland, Australia
  1079. Kirby J. Newstead, Mt. Albert, Victoria, Australia
  1080. Ellen Jennings, Wandandian, NSW, Australia
  1081. Adam Smith, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1082. Antoun Shenouda, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1083. Craig McConaghy, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1084. Linda Stone, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia
  1085. Kym Ballantyne, Seymour, Victoria, Australia
  1086. Stacy Unterrheiner, Cecil Hills, NSW, Australia
  1087. Nicole Edwards, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  1088. Fiona Furze, Grovedale, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  1089. Christie McGarrigle, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1090. Rosina Molluso, Hinchinbrook, NSW, Australia
  1091. Sylvana Stavrou, Maroubra, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1092. Tammy Taylor, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1093. Paula Coulson, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1094. Nancy Ings, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  1095. Vanessa Lazarus, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
  1096. Brad Kirby, St. Albans Park, Victoria, Australia
  1097. Jill Carius, Bundamba, Queensland, Australia
  1098. Kate Hayes, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1099. Lisa Ruggiero, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  1100. Shasta O'Reilly, St. Albans Park, Victoria, Australia
  1101. Janavette Mackay, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1102. Natalie Johnson, Mildura, Victoria, Australia
  1103. Michelle Forbes, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  1104. Chontelle Grondin, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1105. Oliver Bloom, London, UK
  1106. Adrea Miller, Winslow Township, New Jersey, USA
  1107. Renae Mills, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia
  1108. Hope Clayton, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK
  1109. Maria De Vita, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy
  1110. Patrick Edward, Jr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1111. Tennile Taylor, Whyalla, South Australia, Australia
  1112. Ashlee Walker, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1113. Sarah Lane, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
  1114. Teegan Pemberton, Charleville, Queensland, Australia
  1115. Jarred Canellis, Quakers Hills, NSW, Sydney, Australia
  1116. Natalie Bell, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1117. Dedre Van Heekeren, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1118. Donna Gilmore, Christchurch, New Zealand
  1119. Stella Maria Fabbiano, Arcene, Bergamo, Italy
  1120. Margaret Way, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1121. Rhiannon Phillips, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  1122. Claire Smith, Bewdley, Worcestershire, UK
  1123. Aroha Thompson, Invercargill, New Zealand
  1124. Nicky Nuku, Kawerau, New Zealand
  1125. Sarah Oakley, Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia
  1126. Fiona Wilson, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
  1127. Thomas Adisa, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1128. Lyssa Adisa, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1129. Jana Mills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1130. Kathleen West, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
  1131. Jonathon Howells, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1132. Leah Rowley, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1133. Fatirah Aziz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1134. Andreas Abacherli, Kriens, Switzerland
  1135. Kristine Kreidler, Lake Worth, Florida, USA
  1136. Tina Gross, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
  1137. Rebecca Anderson, Wimborne, Dorset, UK
  1138. Helen Bradley-Hall, Garden City, Michigan, USA
  1139. Giovanni Caprioli, Brescia, Italy
  1140. Mark Millington, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  1141. Keri Rosario, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
  1142. Dara Ackerman, San Francisco, California, USA
  1143. Beverly Daniel Carty, Bronx, New York, USA
  1144. Mattias Tan, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  1145. Chuck Matenga Paul, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand
  1146. Nadine Stone, Auckland, New Zealand
  1147. Shar Ngare, Te Kuiti, North Island, New Zealand
  1148. Nedim Selimovic, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  1149. Miriam Scholz, Klausen, Germany
  1150. Jessica Sadtchikoff, Klausen, Germany
  1151. Philipp Falkenburg, Klausen, Germany
  1152. Mathias Dornoff, Klausen, Germany
  1153. Annika Meyer, Klausen, Germany
  1154. Julia Schneider, Klausen, Germany
  1155. Madeline Dornoff, Klausen, Germany
  1156. Ramona Zimmer, Klausen, Germany
  1157. Jennifer Heß, Klausen, Germany
  1158. Maximilian Heß, Klausen, Germany
  1159. Lena Follmann, Klausen, Germany
  1160. Carsten Braband, Klausen, Germany
  1161. Dominik Simon, Klausen, Germany
  1162. Benedikt Wüschen, Klausen, Germany
  1163. Margret Dornoff, Klausen, Germany
  1164. Daniel Simon, Klausen, Germany
  1165. Julia Denzer, Klausen, Germany
  1166. Marcel Bauer, Klausen, Germany
  1167. Monika Braband, Klausen, Germany
  1168. Anne Falkenburg, Klausen, Germany
  1169. Meyer P. Karl-Josef OP, Klausen, Germany
  1170. Norbert Follmann, Klausen, Germany
  1171. Claudia Gough, London, UK
  1172. Linda Young, Adelaide, South Australia
  1173. Pierre Michaud, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  1174. Samuel Steenbreker, Hannover, Germany
  1175. Andrea Bassett, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  1176. Christina Kelemete, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1177. Stephan Zimmermann, Baar, Switzerland
  1178. Narelle Drew, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia
  1179. Cornelia Wicki, Zürich, Switzerland
  1180. Andrea Lötscher, Hünenberg, Switzerland
  1181. Aileen Cooley, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia
  1182. Derryn Cooley, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia
  1183. Michael Loewy, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, USA
  1184. Jai Bowthorpe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1185. Jodie Bugenhagen, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia
  1186. Lyssa Cooley, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia 

  1187. Julia Dolamic, Aachen, Germany

  1188. Patricia Ebode, Manterre, France

  1189. Brodie Hussein, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

  1190. Mary Jo Barnhart, Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA

  1191. Rochele Williams, Newark, New Jersey, USA

  1192. Paul Schaefer, Schweich, Germany

  1193. Ingo Wiedenfeld, Hannover, Germany

  1194. Amy Summers, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

  1195. Veronica Gilbert, Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA

  1196. Hugh Trevillian, Hampton, Virginia, USA

  1197. Cameron Butler, Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia

  1198. Eva Guirguis, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  1199. SciHonor Devotion, Bronx, New York, USA

  1200. Susannah Mouawad, New South Wales, Australia

  1201. Cameron Bradshaw, Allendale, Michigan, USA

  1202. Jeff Wheeler, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  1203. Rachael Prazares, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

  1204. Susan Scardina, Pasadena, Maryland, USA

  1205. Carina Grob, Landau/Pfalz, Germany

  1206. Emily Diamond, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  1207. Vance Thomas, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1208. Sandra J. Jones, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

  1209. Carmelo Campos Crue, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1210. Osvaldo Burgos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1211. Judy Melkie, Darien, Connecticut, USA

  1212. Sue Johnson, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

  1213. Deborah Belknap, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, USA

  1214. Barbara Lewis, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

  1215. Amy Harris, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

  1216. Dave Keaton, Quincy, Florida, USA

  1217. Jack Payden-Travers, Durham, North Carolina, USA

  1218. Francis Eleuterio, Newark, Delaware, USA

  1219. Scott DeFelice, Dunmore, Pennsylvania, USA

  1220. Lucie Minehan Fitzgerald, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

  1221. Elaine Tyler, Liversedge, West Yorkshire, England

  1222. Malinda Jackson, Newark, Arkansas, USA

  1223. Tracey Langille, Zurich, Switzerland

  1224. Robert Stanley, Dublin, Ireland

  1225. Yasmeen Curry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  1226. Ahmed Curry, Philadelphia, Pennsyvlania, USA

  1227. Lynn Collier, London, England, UK

  1228. Susan Johnson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  1229. Daniela Schmidt, Nordenham, Lower Saxony, Germany

  1230. Charity Peters, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

  1231. Barney Bridger, Horsham, England, UK

  1232. Anita Marie Roberts, Hamilton, New Zealand

  1233. Elena Conci, Cambridge, England, UK

  1234. Nicalle Lane, Hobbs, New Mexico, USA

  1235. Jamie Holland, Magnolia, Delaware, USA

  1236. Steffen Dreher, Marburg, Germany

  1237. Nevart Sarkisyan, Toronto, Canada

  1238. Benjamin David, Bristol, England, UK

  1239. Melody Lattanzie, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA

  1240. Vincent Ng, Singapore, Singapore

  1241. April Marie Browne, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

  1242. Shannon Herschk, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  1243. Charmel Jackson, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

  1244. LaTasha C. Williams, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

  1245. Ondy Previlus, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

  1246. Vilma Greenaway, Westminster, California, USA

  1247. Matthew Betts, Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, USA

  1248. James Cranny, London, UK

  1249. Ceci Dean, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1250. Paul Dean, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1251. Eric Bowman, Waimea, Hawaii, USA

  1252. Melissa Black, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

  1253. Jennifer Vogtman, Pleasant Hill, California, USA

  1254. Sandra L. Bush, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA

  1255. Cynthia Hutchison, Belton, Missouri, USA

  1256. Lotta Fees, Bammental, Germany

  1257. Stefanie Menzano, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  1258. Kristen Furia, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

  1259. Steve Vann, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

  1260. Jarren Gary, Orlando, Florida, USA

  1261. Michael Jones, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  1262. Phyllis Pleasants, Richmond, Virginia, USA

  1263. MaryClaire McCullough, Belfast, Ireland

  1264. Nichola McCluskey, Bangor, Ireland

  1265. Charlotte Neville, Cordova, Tennessee, USA

  1266. Edwin Stratton, London, UK

  1267. Andrew Wetzler, Picayune, Mississippi, USA

  1268. Hannah Smith, London, UK

  1269. Frank Vercruyssen, Antwerp, Belgium

  1270. Roland van Ulden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  1271. Steve Hinde, Southend on Sea, Essex, UK

  1272. Anna Kraakman, Sexbierum, The Netherlands

  1273. Ingrid Reusch, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  1274. Tracey Henry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  1275. Nancy Brashears, Great Cacapon, West Virginia, USA

  1276. Laurie Lebesgue, Berlin, Germany

  1277. Sandrine Baudrier, Beauvais, France

  1278. Jodie Knight, Kent, UK

  1279. Virginie Cuzon, Gometz-la-ville, France

  1280. Kelley Benson, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA

  1281. Joanne Brownlee, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  1282. Ute Maria Fischer, Ulm, Germany

  1283. Zhana Rokham, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1284. Razia Ahmed, Peoria, Illinois, USA

  1285. Daniela Schmidt, Nordenhan, Lower Saxony, Germany

  1286. Monique O'Reilly, Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA

  1287. Nichole O'Reilly, Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA

  1288. Rachael O'Reilly, Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA

  1289. Christy Chavez, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  1290. Joel Allen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  1291. Yves-Marie Perot, Mauron, France

  1292. Noraini McCullough, Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community, Western Australia

  1293. Vikki Oriane de Jong, Voorschoten, The Netherlands

  1294. Dr. Heinz Leitner, Vienna, Austria
  1295. Laura Pardo, Chatham, Ontario
  1296. Claude Paul, Champs-sur-Marne, France
  1297. Carmella Simpson, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  1298. Bryant Overton, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
  1299. Tanja Clarin, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany
  1300. Regina Kaniewski-Turcios, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man, British Isles, UK
  1301. Ginger P. Lloyd, Leeds, Alabama, USA
  1302. Everett Quesnell, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
  1303. Lee Billingham, Den Haag, The Netherlands
  1304. Stephanie Pemberton, Wellington, New Zealand
  1305. Lance McKee, Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA
  1306. Markus Goth, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany
  1307. Esperanza Madero, Bakersfield, California
  1308. Melissa Baker, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1309. Noraini McCullough, Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community, Western Australia
  1310. Jeff Weinberger, Plantation, Florida, USA
  1311. Dounia Carels, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  1312. Tammy Campbell, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1313. Francoise Villers, Rixensart, Belgium
  1314. Laeti Revol, Avignon, France
  1315. Nuria Torres Meana, Bondoufle, France
  1316. Lance McKee, Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA
  1317. Markus Goth, Brandenburg, Prenzlau
  1318. Elena Conci, Cambridge, England, UK
  1319. Rachel Jones, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA
  1320. Andrea Swanson, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  1321. Andrew Turner, Zaragoza, Spain
  1322. Jennifer Taylor, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  1323. Sarah Clarke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1324. Kelly Maguire, Omagh, Northern Ireland
  1325. Shannon Scofield, Independence, Missouri, USA
  1326. Karen Savard, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  1327. Ann Hentschel, Lund, Sweden
  1328. Laurence Meylemans, Salome, France
  1329. Haily Lamourie-Parkinson, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada
  1330. Andrew Noble Anderson, Santa Monica, California, USA
  1331. Suzanne Gordon, Seattle, Washington, USA
  1332. Lynn Cadman, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK
  1333. Matt Koesters, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  1334. Kenneth Jarvis, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1335. Eric Gregory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1336. Mareike Rabe, Cologne, Germany
  1337. Nadine Broxton, Roma, Italy
  1338. Amanda Struz, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1339. Helen Everett, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1340. Nazere Everett, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1341. Quadir Jones Everett, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1342. Adam Jones, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1343. Petra Hannon, Pfronsetten, Germany
  1344. Christy Rowe, Batesburg, South Carolina, USA
  1345. Kristin, Elliott, Batavia, Ohio, USA
  1346. Andrew Zimpelman, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1347. Michelle Bowker, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  1348. Patrick Neville, Aberdeen, Scotland
  1349. Katheleen Landry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  1350. Giordano Schillaci, Palermo, Italy
  1351. Maria Teresa Osta, Vercelli, Italy
  1352. Sherry Johnson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  1353. Laura Pardo, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1354. Logan Waddick, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1355. Hayden Waddick, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1356. Nathan Waddick, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1357. Jenn Sutton, Orange, Texas, USA
  1358. Rob Bryan, Orange, Texas, USA
  1359. Jake Sutton, Orange, Texas, USA
  1360. Margarete Skubel, Speyer, Germany
  1361. Kyra Clement, Grisons, Switzerland
  1362. Hulda Clement, Grisons, Switzerland
  1363. Wendelin Blattler, Girsons, Switzerland
  1364. Jodie Day, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1365. Evelynn Bryant, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  1366. Nicole Baltus, Bremen, Germany
  1367. Emily Diamond, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1368. Judie Wilson-Spowart, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  1369. Eleonora Poggio, Lund, Sweden
  1370. Luke Charles, Ammanford, Dyfed, Wales, UK
  1371. Brant Watson, Hamilton, Montana, USA
  1372. Shantel Watson, Hamilton, Montana, USA
  1373. Charlyn Little, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1374. Warren Little, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1375. Hanneke Krymen, Jamestown, SA, Australia
  1376. Graham Heath, Exeter, England, UK
  1377. Oliver Gerst, Neuss, NRW, Germany
  1378. Nathalie Alvernhe, Cagnac-les-Mines, France
  1379. Tilman Barbian, Speyer, Germany
  1380. Cynthia A. Ortiz, Houston, Texas, USA
  1381. Melinda Miles, Washington, DC, USA
  1382. Hilde Johansen, Bergen, Norway
  1383. Paul Ireland, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
  1384. Florence Leftley-Gynn, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
  1385. Sven Zuralow, Prezlau, Brandenburg, Germany
  1386. Catherine Turley, Orange, California, USA
  1387. Carolin Stahl, Koln, Deutschland (Germany)
  1388. Anna Guastafierro, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1389. Arianna Ballotta, Ravenna, Italy
  1390. Jeremy David Acton, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
  1391. Eileen G. Semlali, Livingston, Texas, USA
  1392. Eddie Walker, Baden, Switzerland
  1393. Matt Koesters, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  1394. Cynthia Hutchison, Belton, Missouri, USA
  1395. Michaela Simms, Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK
  1396. Steve Miller, Arlington, Texas, USA
  1397. Barbara Weaver, Lake Milton, Ohio, USA
  1398. Carole Smith, Phelan, California, USA
  1399. Angie Lipscomb, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1400. Andrew Cape, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1401. Annie Barton, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1402. Evan Quesnell, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1403. Katherine Stewart, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1404. Julia Powell Grossman, Kabul, Afghanistan
  1405. Jeanine D. Ryder, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1406. Flavius Lilly, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  1407. Martha Kaising, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1408. Linda Smith, Houston, Texas, USA
  1409. Janita Jones-Waiters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1410. Tammy Anderson Parker, Springdale, Arkansas, USA
  1411. Robert Lang, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1412. Isabelle Raymond, Laventie, France
  1413. Elaine Hopkins, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1414. Adrian Goines, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1415. Christine Hinrichs, Bonn, Germany
  1416. Jill Gibbs, Brighton, Michigan, USA
  1417. Latoya Riveras, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1418. Susan Caudillo, San Diego, California
  1419. Barbara Quesnell, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1420. Andrew Taynton, Durban, South Africa
  1421. Yolanda Brinkley, Los Angeles, California, USA
  1422. Alexis Raven Bathory, London, UK
  1423. Deborah Timms, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1424. Maike Buhr, Gifhorn, Germany
  1425. Mamie Thant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1426. Antoine Baskerville, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1427. Michelle Whalen, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  1428. Dawn Germain, London, UK
  1429. Monique Amado, Portland, Oregon, USA
  1430. Jamar Mack, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1431. Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner, Paris, France
  1432. Logan Kistler, Lemont, Pennsylvania, USA
  1433. Geoffrey Kalina, London, England, UK
  1434. Germaine Headen-Gould, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1435. Precious Gallashaw, New Castle, Delaware, USA
  1436. Nieada Mainor, New Castle, Delaware, USA
  1437. Sandra Nuridin, Lund, Sweden
  1438. Jeremy Naccarato, Charleroi, Pennsylvania, USA
  1439. Teona Williams, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1440. Shakeerah Abdul al Sabuur Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA
  1441. Bobby Marino, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
  1442. Andrea Ashford, Nottingham, UK
  1443. Manuel Schuster, Kleve, Germany
  1444. Jasmine C. Golden, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  1445. Claire Tirilly, Quimper, France
  1446. Katrenia D. Scott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1447. Celeste Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  1448. Suzette Mimnall Harris, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  1449. Gary Photinos, Navarre, Florida, USA
  1450. Tina Allan, New Britain, Connecticut, USA
  1451. Deidra Glenn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1452. Denise Poulson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1453. Emmi Varjola, Jyvaskyla, Finland
  1454. Rashad A. Henderson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1455. Niambi Pointer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1456. Kristen Glass, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1457. Eugene Ochs, Newark, New Jersey, USA
  1458. Jeremy Woolley, Lancaster, California, USA
  1459. Martyn Sullivan, Swansea, UK
  1460. Pete Wyatt, Rugby, England, UK
  1461. Adam Halwani, London, England, UK
  1462. Victor T. Williams, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1463. Malvina Desnos, Rennes, France
  1464. Derek Scott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1465. Irving Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1466. Gwen Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1467. Karren Scott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1468. Norbert Albus, Bruehl, Germany
  1469. Matthew Huff, Newark, New York, USA
  1470. Jessica Mitchelson, Oswego, New York, USA
  1471. Sean Augustus, Rochester, New York, USA
  1472. Johnny Haney, Newark, New York, USA
  1473. Steve Green, Seneca Falls, New York, USA
  1474. Sarah Reid, Rochester, New York
  1475. Brian Belcher, Newark, New York, USA
  1476. Delores Mines, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1477. Tanja Smaka, London, UK
  1478. Terri Pettiford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1479. Karen Naylor, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England, UK
  1480. Jill Carius, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
  1481. Claudia Laubli Schleinikon, Zurich, Switzerland
  1482. Kia Baker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1483. Sha Master, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1484. Paul Jeeawock, Reading, UK
  1485. Chris Cowdrey, Oxted, Surrey, UK
  1486. Hildegard Albus, Bruehl, Germany
  1487. Kaya Stanley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1488. La'Kea Schoolfield, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1489. Diane Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1490. Alexis Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1491. Devona Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1492. Shamir McZeal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1493. Anthony Bannister, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1494. Franklin David, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1495. Geraldine LaRue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1496. Christine Burgess, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1497. Kemmony Stanley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1498. Syreeta Stanley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1499. Lamonika Bannister, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1500. Michael Patterson, Durham, North Carolina, USA
  1501. Elizabeth Menini, La Spezia, Italy
  1502. Fabiola Salemme, Milan, Italy
  1503. Samantha Johnese, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  1504. Secondo Mosso, Trofarello, Torino, Italy
  1505. Ferida Akar, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany
  1506. Alejandra Duran, San Bruno, California, USA
  1507. Sakena Ellison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1508. Joan Mackie, Oxfordshire, UK
  1509. Alexandra Dittrich, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  1510. Yvonne Smith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1511. Jerome Kennerly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1512. Sasha Hawkins, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1513. Christine Bivens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  1514. Shaliya Singeltary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1515. Bryan Singeltary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1516. Jasmine Dorris, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1517. Bovolenta Riccardo, Ozzano Emilia, Italy
  1518. Andrew Jones, Albacete, Spain
  1519. Michael Lynch, Taunton, Somerset, UK
  1520. Jacob Dix, Cardiff, Wales, UK
  1521. Desiree Matthews, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1522. Marlene Adams, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1523. Susan Nowacki, Krippehna, Germany
  1524. Eva Kauke, Berlin, Germany
  1525. John Seiders, Willow Street, Pennsylvania, USA
  1526. Stephanie Seiders, Willow Street, Pennsylvania, USA
  1527. Gwen Perry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1528. Ryan Lewis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1529. Maya Lang, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
  1530. Cassidy Lamourie-Parkinson, Chatham, Canada
  1531. Amina J. Marix Evans, Gateshead, UK
  1532. Devin Holmes, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  1533. Ophelia Polke, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA
  1534. Blair Baxter, North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA
  1535. William Bryan II, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA
  1536. Mya Dennis, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
  1537. Valencia Holiday, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
  1538. Dan Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1539. Barbara Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1540. Jean Leavold, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1541. Charles Leavold, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1542. Gene Paul Collatz, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA
  1543. Don Brown, Keizer, Oregon, USA
  1544. Sue Brown, Keizer, Oregon, USA
  1545. Rosey Malone, Chester, UK
  1546. Alycee Simons, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  1547. Naomi C. Dukes, Warren, Ohio, USA
  1548. Eric L. Dukes, Warren, Ohio, USA
  1549. Maggie S. Miller, Warren, Ohio, USA
  1550. Michael Perillo, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1551. Mike Thomas, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1552. Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  1553. Sr. Margaret Maggio, CSJ, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  1554. Alyson Gamble, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  1555. Annabelle Parker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  1556. Sakena Ellison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1557. Dr. Bernadette Jung, Hufelandstrabe, Berlin, Deutschland (Germany)
  1558. Jessica Dinter, Cologne, Germany
  1559. Huyen Mi Hua, Erkrath, Germany
  1560. Claudia Martinez, Miami, Florida, USA
  1561. Masafumi Uno, Tokyo, Japan
  1562. Elizabeth Lacey, Winchester, Hampshire, UK
  1563. Yiannis Pennetta, Zurich, Switzerland
  1564. Mary Huntress, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1565. Gloria B. Zapata, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  1566. Ashton Grey, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  1567. Alfonso Castellanos, Danbury, Connecticut, USA
  1568. Massimo Persotti, Roma, Italia
  1569. Thomas L. Lanier, New York, New York, USA
  1570. Annemarie Lanier, New York, New York, USA
  1571. Jim Horodeski, Meacham, Saskatchewan, Canada
  1572. Maurell Jenkins, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1573. Maureen Fothergill, West Yorkshire, England
  1574. Jessica Breitbach, Trier, Germany
  1575. Michelle Scott-Dykes, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1576. Lisha Anthony, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1577. Chris Candelaresi, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  1578. Stefanie Reinhard, Klausen, Germany
  1579. Steffen Reinhard, Klausen, Germany
  1580. Rhonda Flippen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1581. Christina Laame, Munster, Germany
  1582. Ghazala Abdullah, Dharamsala, India
  1583. Jan Castellanos, Danbury, Connecticut, USA
  1584. Janice Gilchrist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1585. Larry Gilchrist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1586. Donna Gentry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1587. Christel Gentry, Middleton, Delaware, USA
  1588. Rodney Ross, Middleton, Delaware, USA
  1589. Lilian Pesce, College Point, New York, USA
  1590. Rebecca Fransway, Davis, California, USA
  1591. Rejeana Perkins, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1592. Arteia Scott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1593. Rhonda Gore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1594. Raymond Daniel Sutton, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
  1595. Carissa Priore, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  1596. Daniel Auderset, Ittigen, Bern, Switzerland
  1597. Sophia Danylenko, Cappawhite, Co Tipperary, Eire (Ireland)
  1598. Radiah Nunez, New York City, NY, USA
  1599. Claudia Gough, London, UK
  1600. Kelly Passemier, Stabroek, Belgium
  1601. Annette Paehler Hovd, Kleppesto, Norway
  1602. Leanne Wood, Leeds, UK
  1603. Patricia Heinze, Rottenburg, Germany
  1604. Mira Roth, Stuttgart, Germany
  1605. Sofie Olsson Dahl, Uppsala, Sweden
  1606. Vivi Stalhane, Uppsala, Sweden
  1607. Ruth Belisle, Arlington, Washington, USA
  1608. Mike Diaz, Englewood, New Jersey, USA
  1609. Shirley Young, Dallas, Texas, USA
  1610. Lisa Marshall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1611. Andrew Walsh, Miami, Florida, USA
  1612. Rob Boyden, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA
  1613. Felix Mautes, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  1614. Andrew Barrow, New York, New York, USA
  1615. Danielle Lawson, Raceland, Louisiana, USA
  1616. Barbara Fornssler, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  1617. Kyle Rosenbaum, Brenham, Texas, USA
  1618. Stephanie Rosenbaum, Brenham, Texas, USA
  1619. David Reck, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  1620. Jessica Malfara, Pueblo, Colorado, USA
  1621. Sean Kerwin, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  1622. Christian Hoeckmann, Duesseldorf, Germany
  1623. Marina Duric, Devon, England, UK
  1624. Candace Combs, Winehester, Kentucky, USA
  1625. Chuck McCune, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  1626. Corinna D. Apel, Berlin, Germany
  1627. Gina Engel, Beccles, England
  1628. Khalil Nelson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1629. Thomas Ford, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1630. Angela Moore, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1631. Justin Edwards, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1632. Lavanise Louise, Fort Myers, Florida, USA
  1633. Katharina Grossmann-Hensel, Berlin, Germany
  1634. Daniela Baumann Speyer, Darmstadt, Germany
  1635. Manfred Heitland, Darmstadt, Germany
  1636. Gloria Clay, Dillenburg, Germany
  1637. Gunhild Clay, Dillenburg, Germany
  1638. Teresa Clay, Dillenburg, Germany
  1639. Natasha Garner, Leeds, UK
  1640. Michael Williams, Plymouth, Michigan, USA
  1641. Timothy Killings, Oakland, California, USA
  1642. Nicole Bennett, Melville, New York, USA
  1643. Ellyn Matlack, Stanhope, New Jersey, USA
  1644. Edward Jay Hoy, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
  1645. Jennifer Gunn, Stirling, Scotland, UK
  1646. Stacy Williams, Tafton, Pennsylvania, USA
  1647. Mme Claude Peronnet, Drancy, France
  1648. Bidaud Samuel, Dijon, France
  1649. Robert Ivakovic, Duisburg, Germany
  1650. Brenda Swart, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1651. Marine Herrenschmidt, Gif-sur-Yvette, Essonne, France
  1652. Shirley J. Walker, Sevierville, Tennessee, USA
  1653. Kanyri Gregory, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  1654. Darren Motise, LaGrangeville, New York, USA
  1655. Devona Kanesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  1656. Vinnie Connolly, London, UK
  1657. Osha Porter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1658. Doron Lowe, Los Angeles, California, USA
  1659. Anthony Brown, Sr., Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
  1660. James Angney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1661. Gia Spry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1662. Tia Spry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1663. Latytia Urquhart, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1664. Rina Sims, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1665. Courtney Rouxel, Bolsover, Ontario, Canada
  1666. Teresa Todd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  1667. Lisa Spears, Sacramento, California, USA
  1668. Linda Koberna, New Port Richey, Florida, USA
  1669. Tina Konya, Dublin, Ireland
  1670. Leroy Briggs, Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
  1671. Nora Bali, Paris, France
  1672. Jenell Holden, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  1673. Linda Rafferty, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  1674. Cameron Bradshaw, Allendale, Michigan, USA
  1675. Sandy Marks, Woodstock, Vermont, USA
  1676. Sarah Cool, Grayson, Georgia, USA
  1677. Melissa Holman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1678. Jennifer O'Keefe, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1679. Martin Schmalzl, Ismaning, München/Germany
  1680. Agata Kozolup, London, England, U.K.
  1681. Edward Hill, Sligo, Pennsylvania, USA
  1682. Sinje Moll-Lebens, Iserlohn, Germany
  1683. Donna L. Nelson, Creve Coeur, Illinois, USA
  1684. Joanna Xenokalaki, Gießen, Germany 
  1685. Daniil Perminov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1686. Ivan Chegourko, Odessa, Ukraine
  1687. Petr Lipunov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1688. Maksym Kaminskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine
  1689. Azarenko Farrukh, Moscow, Russia
  1690. Pavlo Borysko, Kyiv, Ukraine
  1691. Holov Said, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
  1692. Rustam Ahmetov, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  1693. Nepomenko Alex, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  1694. Medzhidov Shamil, Togliatti, Russian Federation
  1695. Gesina Daria, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1696. Daniel Kartavthev, Voronezh, Russian Federation
  1697. Dennis Besserezhnov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1698. Gorshunov Nikolai, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1699. Nikita Kuzmin, Ufa, Russian Federation
  1700. Oleg Tarasov, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
  1701. Milkov Lev, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Russian Federation
  1702. Georges Harvingt, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1703. Duschanov Ruslan Olegovich, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1704. Igor Bodrov, Donskoy, Russian Federation
  1705. Smirnov Artyom, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
  1706. Yevgeny Alexeev, Cheboxary, Russian Federation
  1707. Savelyev Valeriy, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1708. Ibragimov Artem, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1709. Gorshunov Yuri, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1710. Anya Shabalina, Nikolaev, Ukraine
  1711. Lyachenkov Ilya, Vyazma, Russian Federation
  1712. Slotin Anatolii, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation
  1713. Sergey Baloyan, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1714. Raushan Zamanov, Sibay, Bashkortostan Republic, Russian Federation
  1715. Belyaev Dritry, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1716. Rustem Abdul'manov, Respublika Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russian Federation
  1717. Timur Yandaev, Dimitrovgrad, Russian Federation
  1718. Evgeny Kholodilin, Samara, Russian Federation
  1719. Generalov Anton,Tyumen, Russian Federation
  1720. Roman Romanenko, Krasnoyarsk City, RU
  1721. Lukashov Pavel, Angarsk, Russian Federation
  1722. Nikita Solovey, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
  1723. Ustyushenko Ivan, Perm City, Russian Federation
  1724. Onishchuk Oleg, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1725. Roman Perepechko, Angarsk, Russian Federation
  1726. Makovsky Eugene, Kiev, Ukraine
  1727. Totrov David, Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation
  1728. Toks San, Santa Ana, California, USA
  1729. Alexey Wasyukovich Omsk, Russian Federation
  1730. Danyil Danylchuk, Kiev, Ukraine
  1731. Vadim Karimulin, Uman, Ukraine
  1732. Shivari Oleg, Ivanovo, Russian Federation
  1733. Paul Vasilevsky, Kharkov, Ukraine
  1734. Nikolayenko, Nikita, Novohrad-Volynski, Ukraine
  1735. Ibragimov Artem, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1736. Nikita Solovey, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
  1737. Antonina Yevdokimova, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1738. Andrew Semin, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1739. Michael Patsan, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1740. Semennikov Dmitry, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  1741. Michael Neretin, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1742. Tim Antoshin, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1743. Zhuravlyov Roman, Tula, Russian Federation
  1744. Nikita Ivanov, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1745. Andreenko Evgenlyl, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation
  1746. Alex Lapikov, Krasnodar, Russian Federation
  1747. Andrey Orovetskiy, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  1748. Egorov Andrei, Almetevsk, Russian Federation
  1749. Igor Dorofeev, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation
  1750. Ivantsov Yuri, Bryansk, Russian Federation
  1751. Igor Dorofeev, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation
  1752. Valeriy Voynov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1753. Dmitry Gorbovskoy, Archangelsk, Russian Federation
  1754. Max Shanin, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1755. Aleksey Kuznetsov, Bryansk, Russia Federation
  1756. Tatiana Penkova, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1757. Pavel Matveev, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1758. Cherkasov Michael, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1759. Ksenia Borisova, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1760. Kolya Petrov, Kiev, Ukraine
  1761. Victor Neganov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1762. Max Khoroshev, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1763. Anna Titaeva, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1764. Daria Fedorova, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1765. Ruslan Sabitov, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1766. Daria Fedorova, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1767. Dima Morgulec, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1768. Ivanov Cyrill, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1769. Markizio Tolitto, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  1770. Borovskaya Olesya, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation
  1771. Anton Levtrinsky, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  1772. Borovskaya Olesya, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation
  1773. Shinikov Vadim, Donetsk City, Ukraine
  1774. Ivanov Igor, Lisichansk City, Ukraine
  1775. Dmitry Ardashev, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation
  1776. Vanushev Andrey, Elabuga, Russian Federation
  1777. Artemiy Sokolov, Kostroma, Russian Federation
  1778. Shipulya Evgeny, Stupino, Russian Federation
  1779. Bolzhelarskyy Sergey, Donetsk, Ukraine
  1780. Serg Putyak, Lviv, Ukraine
  1781. Yashkin Ivan, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1782. Sytnikov Vladyslav, Kyiv, Ukraine
  1783. Grigoliya Georgy, Moscow, Russian Federation
  1784. Shaikhutdinov Ravil, Al'met'evsk, Russin Federation
  1785. Krutik Anton, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1786. Cayla Stoops, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  1787. David Tucker, Bolton, England, UK
  1788. John Retallack, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  1789. Radmir Absatarov, Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
  1790. Michelle Fleming, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  1791. Lilian Pesce, New York, New York, USA
  1792. Courtney Rouxel, Bolsover, Ontario, Canada
  1793. Rachel Gillam, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
  1794. Madeline Brown, Seattle, Washington, USA
  1795. Esther Prade, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  1796. Anne Stein San Antonio, Texas, USA
  1797. Maxim Parkhomenko, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
  1798. Sivyakov Alexander, Samara, Russian Federation
  1799. Nastya Batueva, Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation
  1800. Chris Kirichenko, New York City, New York, USA
  1801. Marianne Baaba, Newmarkt, Germany
  1802. Suzanne Gordon, Seattle, Washington, USA
  1803. Sara Marshall, Plymouth, UK
  1804. Kondrachuk Ruslan, Kiev, Ukraine
  1805. Jennifer Wingate, Bucksport, Maine, USA
  1806. Jenya Hustler, Odessa, Ukraine
  1807. Chursin Maxim, Kransodar, Russian Federation
  1808. Vlad Lastovskiy, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
  1809. Shagigalina Juliya, Sibay, Bashkortostan Republic, Russian Federation
  1810. Zamanova Zifa, Sibay, Bashkortostan Republic, Russian Federation
  1811. Stela Vasques, Lisbon, Portugal
  1812. Hannah Peet, Lichfield, UK
  1813. Shannon Wright, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  1814. Darnice Wright, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  1815. Shakerah Wright, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  1816. Sister Mary Claire Kennedy, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  1817. Sandra Blanton, Yeovil, Somerset, UK
  1818. Ivan Morozenko, Omsk, Russian Federation
  1819. Evgeniy Rudak, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
  1820. Danny Stamp, London, UK
  1821. Anne Stein, San Antonio, Texas, USA
  1822. Lasia Taylor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  1823. Marc Starcke, Hollywood, Florida, USA
  1824. Revilya Alexis, Krasnodar, Russian Federation
  1825. Hans Daenner, Berlin, Germany
  1826. Megan DePerro, Buffalo, New York, USA



Please note that the above petition is intended to be presented to the media and to elected officials, including and especially the governor of Pennsylvania.