Jimmy Dennis

For All That I Missed

(For: F. & K.)

By Jimmy Dennis


Long ago, I should have gone insane

just up and lost my mind,

in this hellish nightmare.

Layer upon layer

time and time again.

I've missed so much

of my daughters' lives.


My tears run dry

liken to the sand of an hourglass.

I missed first footsteps

and first word spoken

first days of school

and first dates

first of my little girls blooming into women.


Their Mom instilled morals and values

but could not be Papa

and allow them to be Daddy's girls.., I miss...


Even in this hellish nightmare

I still dream with hope and prayer.

To hear them laugh

to sit around our dinner table

for them to come to me when needing advice

to take them shopping until they drop

I hope.., I wish.., I pray!




Dear Mom. . .

At first it was strange!

To see you face to face.

To hold you in my arms. . .

to be held by you.

Oh Momma, how I have missed you.

I had to fight back tears,

in the hope of staying strong -- for you.

After all the years of being separated

I'm still your Baby. . .Momma's son.

--Jimmy Dennis

Note from Jimmy written May 6, 2005:  The thoughts here were expressed soon after my first contact visit with my mother in over a decade.  It was a visit full of both joy and pain.  Joy to see her and pain of not knowing the next time we shall be.


On Stage

by Jimmy Dennis

Upon a stage of unrighteousness

they would have you believe

my spirit is cloaked in black. . .

Many a times I awake

sunrise or the mid of night

screaming, yelling. . .in many of tears

they flow over

a silent waterfall. . .

Who hears?

Who feels my pain?

Who can stop the tears?

Drape me in soft white silk

to reflect my true spirit?

My single wish!

That tomorrow wasn't tomorrow

here in this Death Row cell

all alone.



by Hope Dennis (Jimmy's sister)

So it seems your life is over

And there's no hope in tomorrow

When you look into your future

All you see is pain and sorrow

It may seem as though

Your so-called friends

Have turned their backs on you

But those who matter most

Will remain when this all ends

Though your dreams

Seem to be falling apart

No one can destroy the talent and love

God put into your heart

So lift up your head

And stand still

Just remember nothing can happen

Unless it's God's will


A Soul So Strong 
by Sarah Gau, D
edicated to Jimmy in 2005

I look at you-

see the pain and the struggle through your eyes

deep in your Soul.

So Strong

almost like a machine

always able to function

no matter what problem comes in between. 

Yet I see

you are so sensitive and hurt

-Still hoping-

After all those thunderstorms

destroying all you ever had

after false friends

after lost love

after devastated dreams

after all-

You survive. 

You stand through situations

most people wouldn`t have lived through.

You keep fighting through times

most people would have given up.

You keep going

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

On on on on on

without an “and”. 

I wonder

how can you do this?

It almost seems like

no human being could be able to go through this unless

they are a robot without emotions

But you can!

And yet you are so human

full of emotions

maybe that is what keeps you fighting;

It`s your

heavenly heart,

your spirited Soul,

your need for justified Justice. 

Maybe God has chosen you

to be in that position

in order to prove to the world

that the death penalty is wrong.

He has chosen you

because no one else

would have been able to

stay so strong

and to fight without going crazy.

Tell me......

How did you do that?